#EveryMP Template Letter

#EveryMP Template Letter

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It might be easier to download the Word Doc to keep the colours in case they don't paste, but text is below for reference...

***Don’t forget to delete/change red bits out! (Not being patronising, but ADHD and all that mean I do this sort of thing a lot, and leave stuff in that shouldn't be there! )***
***Feel free to discard my black text totally if you wish, this is just for guidance and to save you work***
 ***Please also remain friendly and ask for help, and avoid use of words like ‘We demand’, etc. We will have greater impact this way*** 
Letter Template 

 Insert Your Home Address with Postcode 
Dear Ms Abbott (insert your own MP name)

I am one of your constituents, and I am writing to you to see how you may be able to help me/my child/my family.  I’m pretty desperate for support, and don’t know where else to turn. 
Insert your own story here…need only be a few paragraphs. Please try and focus on structural failings such as lack of provision, long waiting lists, or discrimination/failings by the education system, CAMHS, social services, justice, etc., for most impact 

 ADHD affects 5% of children and 3% of adults, yet the neuro-developmental condition and its treatment is highly stigmatised and misunderstood. Too often it is ‘lumped in’ with special needs or other conditions like Autism, when it has its own distinct set of impacts on an individual and society. 

 Please can you help as my MP within parliament to raise more awareness for ADHD, as well as offering a solution for my own struggle? There is a government petition online to call for an ADHD Act of Parliament, which will give ADHD the same status as Autism, which has its own Act passed in 2009. 
https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/202061 I’d be delighted if you could support this call for an ADHD Act too. 

Many thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing from you. 

 Kind Regards 

 (Your Full name) (Your Contact details)   
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