Call to Attention 2018


We've achieved a lot together in a just few short weeks. We can do so much more in 2018, but we need your help...

In a few short weeks since we began, together we have...

  • Lobbied hard and met with enough MPs to form our All Party Parliamentary Group for ADHD ready to launch in January 2018 
  • Spoken to NHS commissioners from all over the UK who are listening and working with us to make changes to services for ADHD 
  • Gained over 10,000 signatures for our petition for an ADHD strategy and eventual Act of Parliament, with ministers and policy makers listening 
  • Initiated projects within schools, workplaces, police forces, prisons, universities and GP networks for greater awareness
  • Provided individual case work and advocacy for many people across the UK with their wide ranging ADHD issues including: NHS prescriptions, battles with schools, CAMHS, access to diagnosis, benefits and workplace concerns
  • Changed hearts and minds about ADHD through media, training and speaking events (We get hundreds of messages telling us this)
  • Given courage to others to speak out about ADHD and not be ashamed 
  • Provided a focus for the ADHD Community to come together and fight for change

Thank you, you are all amazing!

We need your help to make a bigger impact for ADHD in 2018...

We can fight for change, but as a start-up charity, we really need your help to continue and build. Some of our plans for 2018 already include:
  • Producing easy to digest, bite-size information in the form of short explainer videos, adverts, downloadable and printable resources for ADHD kids, adults, parents, partners, schools, workplaces, GPs, support groups, professionals and the general public
  • Further work and programmes within schools, prisons, police forces, workplaces, universities, CAMHS and more
  • 8 meetings with NHS commissioners to discuss change already in diary for early 2018 - we plan many more
  • Launch event for MPs in January in Parliament for the APPG (we have several of celebrities already agreed to attend)
  • Building our team so we can help with more case work and advocacy for your individual issues, more training, more campaigning
  • Launching several high profile media campaigns to bust stigmas and myths around ADHD 
  • Formal round-table discussion events for people that can make change happen in Westminster, Stormont and Holyrood
  • Launching our online ADHD Social Network which will include peer to peer support , plus designated spaces for parents, partners, and professionals, plus other app and technology development to support the ADHD community
  • On the ground project work in addition to speaking and training - including support for young people with ADHD for self esteem and employability, consultancy and support for employers, coaching programmes, volunteering events and programmes
  • Research to prove impact of our pilot programmes with groups for earlier diagnosis, research into extent of ignorance and stigma, research to show health economic costs of individual case studies for misdiagnosed ADHD patients 

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