Michelle Beckett

  • Michelle Beckett
    ​Founder and Chief Executive
Michelle was finally diagnosed with ADHD aged 44, after a mental health crisis event early in 2017, a condition she had struggled with since childhood.

The diagnosis had to be sought privately, despite an NHS crisis team psychiatrist flagging the issue, as no NHS pathway existed for adult assessment and treatment in her region.

The ADHD diagnosis and subsequent treatment with medication was a revelation, and changed her life. On researching her condition, Michelle was shocked to discover that lack of provision was common across the UK, with those lucky enough to be assessed having to wait sometimes several years.

Stigma and misunderstanding about ADHD, and how it presents and is treated, is common throughout the general public, teachers, and even GPs and psychiatrists. This is despite the largely hereditary condition affecting approximately 5% of children, and 2.5% of adults.

Vast costs savings could be made across health services, prisons and probation, social services and education if simple changes were introduced. 

Michelle decided to set up ADHD Action as a charity to campaign for change and to help others with the condition - from children right through life, starting with lobbying for an ADHD Act of Parliament, similar to the 2009 bill that exists for Autism. 

Michelle is also a conference speaker, regular guest panelist at 'Question Time' style events and round table discussions, board member, and the chair of an inclusivity forum. She is a trustee and board member for another national charity.

Michelle is also a keen advocate of women in leadership, and a mum to three daughters and two step-daughters. She also loves science, gadgets, Yorkshire Tea and musical theatre. 

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