Our Goals and Plans

Current work, goals and plans

ADHD Action’s main focus as a charity is campaigning and awareness building for ADHD across the UK

We were founded after experiencing first-hand the impact that lack of awareness and patchy or non-existent provision can have on individuals and families. 
We need to build a future where no one affected by ADHD feels misunderstood or unsupported.

Overview of Current Work and Future Plans
We have started bringing the ADHD community in the UK together, supporting and promoting the fabulous work that other organisations like ADHD Foundation and ADHD NI deliver, and partnering on campaigns and projects. 

We will provide printed and online resources and a focal point for local groups across the country, listing them on our site with a postcode search facility coming soon. 

We are already building direct relationships with key stakeholders who can help us affect change. These include politicians, NHS commissioners, prison governors, senior police officers, educators, celebrities and expert clinicians. 

In addition to making lots of noise in the media, we will share lots of easily digestible visual and written content on our site and via social media, as well as providing easy to read resources, info packs and online training in the future. 

Much of this will be to bust stigma, educate, and share our powerful patient stories. We will feature lots of guest writers and bloggers, and we aim to publish a high quality quarterly print magazine, like Additude in the US.

Our first events will start to run soon, and some of our future plans include creating a network of speaker advocates for ADHD for schools and workplaces; an online shop full of inspirational goodies; a recruitment division to support individuals with ADHD; and big campaigns and fundraising events for you to get behind backed by celebrities.

But the most important people for ADHD Action are all of us - patients and their families. We have suffered enough from being misunderstood, unheard and unsupported. We will create a community of belonging, where all our voices are heard. 

You are all part of this movement for change, all part of ADHD Action.

Current Campaigns  
  • To form and run an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for ADHD, to bring MPs and Lords together from all political parties several times a year to debate key issues and begin making changes for ADHD 
  • To push for a Private Members Bill to pass an Act of Parliament for ADHD (like the 2009 Autism Act) to commit the government to implementing a strategy for ADHD across many sectors 
  • To pass an ADHD Act and implement an ADHD strategy through the Scottish Parliament 
  • We are about a launch a new campaign to encourage print and broadcast media to report sensibly on ADHD and not to perpetuate stigma and misunderstanding 
  • Educating GPs and mental health professionals on ADHD through our partnerships
  • Educating teachers on ADHD through our partnerships
  • Lobbying NHS commissioners on the social and financial impacts of ADHD 
  • Liaising with and various experts and stakeholders from education, health, police, prisons 
  • Creating and sharing educational, stigma busting content on social media and the site 
  • Working with a national law firm to help scope The ADHD Act, and to explore if we can legally support any ADHD patients or families if they have been discriminated against
  •  Sharing our patient stories and giving us all a voice
  • Creating a community of local groups and other ADHD organisations so we can partner and work towards our shared aims 

Join and Help our Movement
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